Jeffares Group Approach

Why should I use the Jeffares group?

• When you decide to sell your home, it instantly becomes a
house, a marketable asset. Our philosophy is to help you
maximize your return on investment. You don’t need a MBA
to understand this, but it helps. We can help stage, market,
advertise, leverage networks and promote your house to
ensure the best return.


• Looking for a home can be a difficult process. You know what
you like, but what is a good home? What could be a problem?
How hard would it be to update and make it perfect? What is
the upside on my investment? Having a licensed contractor on
your side isn’t mandatory, but it doesn’t hurt.


• As part of Oakland County’s largest office, Max Broock, we sell
more than any other office, period. Since many of the most
desirable properties are sold before they are even listed, our
volume is a significant advantage for buyers. Reaching agents
is essential to sell most homes. With the largest number of
active agents, we can effectively make your home known to
more agents than any other firm, advantaging sellers.


• In-house financial, title & insurance professionals is both
convenient for our clients and efficient for our transactions.