Prepare to Sell


Preparing Your Home For Sale – Easiest Money You Will Ever Make

A little time and money can provide a tremendous return on your investment. It can seriously be the easiest and quickest money you will ever earn. We specialize in helping you maximize your return, we can suggest service providers to quickly get your house ready for a quicker sale at a premium price. A few suggestions:


  • Repair dents, nicks holes and cracks in walls, ceilings
  • Paint non-neutral color walls and walls with any imperfections
  • Replace any damaged tiles
  • Make sure caulk is in good shape
  • Clean any dirty  carpets
  • Make sure all doors function effortlessly – they will all be opened…
  • Replace any burned out bulbs
  • Wash windows, inside and out
  • Clean up high – cobwebs and dust
  • Put away personal effects (toiletries, photographs….)
  • Clear the counters (figurines, spice racks, sponges…)
  • Remove odors (closets, kitchen, pet areas….)
  • Make sure front door looks awesome! (polished hardware, fresh paint/stain…)
  • De-clutter, call it “pre-packing,” (stacks of magazines, mail, excessive furniture & accessories…)
  • Replace anything you want to take with you


  • Power wash any stained, mildewed siding or soffits
  • Manicure bushes, lawn, etc.
  • Make sure your mailbox and house numbers look fresh
  • Plant flowers
  • Ensure the yard is free of toys, sport accessories…
  • Stage your outdoor areas to create a “vacation feel” in warmer months